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Upon the birth of my second child, I had to admit defeat. I simply could not do it all. I had managed a "maid service" for several years prior and also ran a "move in and move out service" as well. It was time to put my multi-tasking skills to use, and open a service with a fair price and superior service. I know it is key to have a great staff, and with great staff, it means providing what others don't. I have made sure our pay rate is higher than average, our teams are groups of Supervisor and teammate. Which allows my Supervisors to hold accountability with our clients and be responsible for client satisfaction. Supervisors are paid a higher wage per hour as well as gas, as well as cell phones with GPS.

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95630, 95762, 95662, 95628, 95678, 95661, 95746, 95610, 95672, 95670, 95742, 95682

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Homerun Cleaning Service has been in business for 12 years.

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HOME RUN ROCKS!!! I am pregnant with a 3 year old. My husband surprised me with dinner guest last week, on a Wednesday afternoon. I had a dinner to prepare and a house to clean. HELP!!!! I called Home Run Cleaning Service, which I found online, and explained my situation. I was able to take advantage of a cancellation in my area, and had a friendly team within the hour. My 3 bathrooms were scrubbed, kitchen was detailed and my downstairs area was dusted and vacuumed all for $110. I told my neighbor what a great job they did, and she called to set up an estimate, and I got $20 off, my next visit.
Devon C. - Roseville, CA
I refer Home Run Cleaning Service every chance I get, and take $20 off my service all the time. I enjoy coming home Thursday night to a clean house, and knowing I have a team I can trust is key. Last week I had mentioned I had house guests coming in, and my team helped me by hanging up all of my clothes from last weeks trip, in my guest bedroom. I was simply delighted to come home to a clean house, and a clean guest room, ready for my guests. Home Run Cleaning Service exceeds my expectations every other Thursday. Thanks!
Melody S. - Folsom, CA
My previous housekeeper did not even show up! I appreciate having a real service, with a real person that calls a day in advance to my cleaning, that actually shows up. I am still not sure how it takes me 8 hours to clean my house and they get in done in 2 hours. Every visit I have my couch cushions taken off and vacuumed and at least a bed or two made with new sheets and all of my downstairs windows always need cleaning. I have kids and a dog! With a rate of $110, i figure having service twice a month is less than my PG&E bill. I work for a living, I should not have to spend every Saturday cleaning! Did I mention the same team actually shows up every other week? AMAZING!!
Joei T. - El Dorado Hills, CA