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HOME RUN ROCKS!!! I am pregnant with a 3 year old. My husband surprised me with dinner guest last week, on a Wednesday afternoon. I had a dinner to prepare and a house to clean. HELP!!!! I called Home Run Cleaning Service, which I found online, and explained my situation. I was able to take advantage of a cancellation in my area, and had a friendly team within the hour. My 3 bathrooms were scrubbed, kitchen was detailed and my downstairs area was dusted and vacuumed all for $110. I told my neighbor what a great job they did, and she called to set up an estimate, and I got $20 off, my next visit.
Devon C. - Roseville, CA
I refer Home Run Cleaning Service every chance I get, and take $20 off my service all the time. I enjoy coming home Thursday night to a clean house, and knowing I have a team I can trust is key. Last week I had mentioned I had house guests coming in, and my team helped me by hanging up all of my clothes from last weeks trip, in my guest bedroom. I was simply delighted to come home to a clean house, and a clean guest room, ready for my guests. Home Run Cleaning Service exceeds my expectations every other Thursday. Thanks!
Melody S. - Folsom, CA
My previous housekeeper did not even show up! I appreciate having a real service, with a real person that calls a day in advance to my cleaning, that actually shows up. I am still not sure how it takes me 8 hours to clean my house and they get in done in 2 hours. Every visit I have my couch cushions taken off and vacuumed and at least a bed or two made with new sheets and all of my downstairs windows always need cleaning. I have kids and a dog! With a rate of $110, i figure having service twice a month is less than my PG&E bill. I work for a living, I should not have to spend every Saturday cleaning! Did I mention the same team actually shows up every other week? AMAZING!!
Joei T. - El Dorado Hills, CA